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Disaster Recovery

Redundancy, location, and diversity are all reasons why Tonaquint Data Center is an ideal choice for your disaster recovery site.

House your equipment in one of our fully redundant tier 3 facilities located in the most disaster safe zones near you.

Expect faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site.

Support for every disaster recovery architecture from environments that may be suitable for small customer workload data center failures to larger or more critical environments that require rapid failover at scale.

Most businesses depend so heavily on technology and automated systems, that a disruption for even a few days will cause severe financial loss and threaten survival. Please see our map above for U.S. Natural Disaster Safe Zones.



More than one-third of organizations have executed disaster recovery plans. Contrary to what some believe, disaster recovery plans are not documents collecting dust on shelves. For example, in 2008 one-third of organizations surveyed had to execute their disaster recovery plans due to a variety of factors including:

Hardware and software failure
(36% of organizations)

External security threats
(28% of organizations)

Power outage/failure/issues
(26% of organizations)

Natural disasters
(23% of organizations)

IT problem management
(23% of organizations)

Data leakage or loss
(22% of organizations)

Additional Features

Fully compliant facility

Secure data rooms and cages

Knowledgeable staff

24/7/365 free remote hands

TDC Server