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Burstable bandwidth allows greater flexibility in a pay-as-you-go approach. Clients select a base rate closest to their usage requirements. Tonaquint uses the 95th percentile method to measure port utilization. Every month we compare inbound vs. outbound traffic and remove the lower of the two measurements. Next, the usage data is measured in 5-minute increments and the top 5% of the usage data points are removed resulting in the top usage rate for the billing period.

Yes. Additionally, all core network devices are run in high availability mode. The core network design allows for a simultaneous router and switch failure at the same time without loss of Internet service for colocation clients. Spare parts are also maintained on-site for all core servers and devices not in a high availability configuration.

  • Dual homed connectivity
  • Carrier neutral
  • Foundry Gigabit switch/routers
  • Private network access available

The backup systems are tested weekly and load tested monthly.

When your business depends upon email, applications, or your website to function then colocation is highly recommended. The average office LAN is not equipped to support applications with high availability requirements due to lack of physical security, backup power, and redundant infrastructure. Many companies also have regulatory and security reasons for choosing colocation.

Network health is automatically monitored 24×7 every minute and manually monitored as part of daily practices. All data is processed and displayed for trend analysis. Our team automatically receives alerts if normal operating thresholds are breached.

With an average tenure of 10 years in the industry, the Tonaquint Data Center team has the expertise and developed processes required to protect your business.

Remote Hands is available in two levels, based upon the complexity of work to be performed:

  • Tier 1 Remote Hands offers basic phone assistance and verbal confirmations by Tonaquint IT staff members.
  • Tier 2 Remote Hands service includes general assistance and project-based work for software installations, routing configurations, connectivity issues, troubleshooting, network design, and security consultations via 3rd party.

All core systems are monitored for uptime and health every minute 24×7. Alerts are sent to the administration team for immediate response and resolution.

There is a Service Level Agreement with a fuel supplier to ensure a constant supply of fuel in the event of a sustained outage. Additionally, there are two days of fuel on-site.

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