Everything needed for rapid and risk-free multi-cloud application provisioning


Self-service provisioning of app components

Built-in service catalog with 50+ apps and best practice layouts for OS’s, Databases, Web Servers, and more.

Use the virtual image creation tools to customize the catalog and expose natively or via ITSM tools like ServiceNow.


Create hybrid IT app instances

Provision services, multi-tier apps, and even span multiple clouds including Tonaquint.

Enable Infrastructure-as-Code with export to YAML or JSON via GUI or API/CLI.

Use native blueprints or third-party tools like HashiCorp Terraform, Microsoft ARM, and AWS CloudFormation.


Securely automate phased tasks

Execute scripts (JavaScript, Python, SSH, http, etc.) and leverage config. management (Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, and Puppet).

Archive makes files available for use by Scripts and Users and can connect to local or remote file systems and object stores.

Cypher is a built-in key/value store which can securely store or generate encrypted credentials to mitigate security risks.


Enable PaaS and automation as part of CI / CD

A deployment is a set of versions that relate to a particular application to manage history and reuse instances across dev stages.

Deployments can be uploaded directly, pulled from a build server, pulled from Git or via Jenkins, Gradle, and Maven.

You can include binary artifacts, compressed archives or even schemas and seed data for any type of release.


Consolidate critical day-2 tasks like monitoring, logging, and backup

Built in monitoring and incident management plus integration into ServiceNow, Slack, VictorOps, PagerDuty, Alert Ops and more.

Aggregate logs with our scalable, and searchable log engine.  Leverage built in logging for Dev then connect to external tools like Splunk in Production.

Built-in or third-party protection includes VM, Container, Host, Database, File, Directory, Volume and Storage Provider Backup, Snapshot and Replication.


Balance workloads and grow within or across clouds

Scale or clone apps on demand including policy-based expansion of clusters across clouds.

Provision HaProxy Load Balancers, Amazon Elastic and Application Load Balancers, Azure Load Balancers, plus integrate with external options including F5, A10, Citrix, and AVI.