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Get the most out of your existing hardware and legacy applications, while also setting yourself up for a future in the cloud. With Tonaquint Colocation, you can deploy and manage your existing infrastructure in our best-in-class data center facilities, while eliminating the hassle and cost of running your own data center.

You can also be sure your equipment is safe with Tier III redundancy and top of the line security.

Technical Cables
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Multi-Tenant Racks

Tonaquint's fundamental colocation service involves hosting server hardware, accommodating anything from a solitary 1U server to extensive setups comprising of hundreds of servers. Typically, a single server is housed within a shared cabinet situated on the data center floor, offering a cost-effective and secure solution for clients' server hosting needs.

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Full Racks and Cages

Tonaquint offers full racks, cages, and suites designed to meet the needs of larger enterprises and organizations. This comprehensive solution is tailored for businesses aiming to streamline operations, reduce costs, and focus on their core objectives without the complexities of managing a data center. Ideal for establishing robust Disaster Recovery Colocation and primary environments, these offerings ensure reliability, cost-efficiency, and a hassle-free experience for businesses of scale.

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Half Racks

Opting for a Half Rack provides enhanced security compared to shared cabinet colocation for a 1U server. It serves as an ideal solution tailored for startups and small organizations with a limited number of severs, not yet justifying a full cabinet colocation. This option strikes balance, offering both security and optimal space for scaling server needs.

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Equipped with cutting-edge data centers and seamless access to leading carrers, Tonaquint efficiently accommodates the evolving workloads of expanding businesses, spanning local and global landscapes. Our services cater to enterprises seeking increased capacity, local market presence, and robust disaster recovery solutions with a focus on delivering sophisticated support for divers business needs.

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